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The TRACKER Locate is our ‘top of the range’ Stolen Vehicle Recovery solution and the most advanced on the market. TRACKER Locate combines three tracking technologies - our unique VHF technology with GPS and GSM, providing the ultimate defence against vehicle theft.

With ground-breaking ‘jamming’ countermeasures, TRACKER Locate will raise an alarm to TRACKER if there is an attempt to jam the communication system.

TRACKER Locate customers you can view their vehicle online using our ‘MyTRACKER’ website. This offers a host of useful information and features including detailed driving and journey reports, route mapping and security alerts

TRACKER Locate Features:

  • Our unique patented VHF technology, enabling us to track stolen vehicles even when they are stored in lock-ups, containers or underground car parks
  • The unique combination of 3 methods of location tracking (VHF, GSM and GPS)
  • Dual technology and signal jamming detection, stopping criminals using GPS/GSM jammers to block the tracking signal.
  • Full nationwide support from the UK police force
  • Full access to the ‘MyTRACKER’ website
  • Europe wide coverage

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