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Tracker Cat 5 Plus

tracker cat 5 plus

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TRACKER Cat 5 Plus

TRACKER Cat 5 Plus meets the insurance requirements of the Thatcham Category 5 standard.

TRACKER Cat 5 Plus offers exceptional levels of security for high value, premium and luxury vehicles. It does this by using a combination of our unique VHF technology together with GSM and GPS as well as generating alerts to notify us of vehicle battery disconnection or Movement alert!

TRACKER Cat 5 Plus customers can now view their vehicle online using our new ‘MyTRACKER website. The site offers a host of useful information and features such as detailed driving and journey reports, route mapping and security alerts.

TRACKER Cat 5 Plus Features:

  • Our unique patented VHF technology, enabling us to track stolen vehicles even when they are stored in lock-ups, containers or underground car parks
  • The unique combination of 3 methods of location tracking (VHF, GSM and GPS)
  • Dual technology and signal jamming detection, stopping criminals using GPS/GSM jammers to block the tracking signal.
  • Special in-built motion sensors are used to identify unauthorised movement and alert the Secure Operating Centre (SOC)
  • The use of ‘driver tags’ to identify unauthorised use of your vehicle, even if the thief has your keys!
  • Full nationwide support from the UK police force
  • Full access to the ‘MyTRACKER’ website
  • Europe wide coverage

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