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Empirical In-Car Technology offers a range of different Parking Sensors to ensure you have no blind spots while driving or parking

Car Parks seem to be getting smaller and there are more and more vehicles on the road, especially larger 4X4s. Parking is not as easy as it used to be and with even minor bumper damage costing more, plus insurance premiums at an all-time-high, risk avoidance seems to be the best strategy. Parking Sensors ( Or Reversing Cameras ) can offer the solution to everyone’s Parking Problems. Once you have reversed a vehicle with Parking Sensors installed, you will never want to do it without them again.

There are two types of Parking Sensors available:

Standard Sensors – These involve drilling the bumper and inserting the parking sensor from the outside so the parking sensor protrudes 2mm from the bumpers surface.

Flush Mounted Sensors – These involve removing the bumper and using a hole punch instead of a drill for inserting the parking sensor from the inside of the bumper to achieve a flush factory look.

Our Sensors come Supplied & Fitted for an inclusive price of £150 – with the option of them being colour coded to match your cars exact paint colour, making the sensors blend perfectly.