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How difficult is it to fit a reversing camera kit ?

This is our most common question and also the most unfair as we have no idea of your skill set. Here a a few questions you can ask yourself to assess if you are able :-
Do you have decent tools?
Do you enjoy working on cars?
Can you remove dash trim pieces/ panels?
Can you run a cable from front to rear of the vehicle and possibly through a conduit that runs between the car body and tailgate?
If you can answer yes then this will be a good DIY job for you, if you have never done anything like this before then we would recommend you find your own installer.

Do you offer Installation Nationwide ?

No, we offer installation here are our premises in Glasgow only, however we do have Trade friends throughout the UK who use our camera kits and we would be happy to
recommend them to you. Simply send us your postcode and a request of who is nearest to your location and we will be happy to pass on your nearest installer’s details. Please Note: We have no idea of their availability or how much they will charge to fit your kit.

How long is the warranty on your Reversing Camera Kits ?

We offer 24 month warranty  on everything that we supply and fit here at our premises in Glasgow and a 12 month warranty on kits purchased online.

How long after purchase will my kit take to arrive ?

Most of our UK deliveries are next working day if ordered before 1pm ( Mon – Fri )
International deliveries may take 2 to 3 days depending on where you are located.

Are your kits genuine OEM or aftermarket ?

All our kits are aftermarket therefore no coding is required and we also have the ease of plug and play fitting.

I do not live in the UK do you sell Internationally ?

Yes, our website is set up to ship worldwide.

Do you offer technical support?

Yes, we offer technical support via the following methods:- WhatsApp, text, telephone and email.
On the USB key supplied with your kit will be a technical support PDF with all contact methods and information.

I am not in the car trade but think I could fit the kit myself, however would you offer support or help should I need it ?

Please see our technical support question.

What shipping method do you use ?

We use DPD for most of our UK shipments, however for Highlands and Islands UK we use Royal Mail and DHL.  For our International Shipments and occasionally for remote areas we will use UPS.

If I want to book my car into your workshop premises in Glasgow for Empirical to install my kit for me, how long will the installation take ?

To book an installation please call or email us as we do not take online bookings. We are usually booked 5 days in advance and installation time is usually 1 to 2 hours.

Can I wait while my reversing camera kit is installed to my car ?

Yes,  you are more than welcome to stay at our premises while your installation takes place. If you would prefer to wait elsewhere we have Starbucks, Costa, KFC and McDonalds within a ten minute walk of our workshop.

Does your reversing camera kit come with fitting instructions ?

All of our reversing camera kits are supplied with a USB Key full of step by step fitting photos, PDF Instructions, and Information to help you install your kit to your vehicle.

How similar is your kit to the factory fitted version ?

We do not get to see the factory fitted version so it is up to you to do your own research on what the factory fitted kit offers and costs compared to our aftermarket kit. We show fitted photos of what the kit looks like on our listings for you to compare. Aftermarket cameras are generally a wider lens than the factory version, this will make the camera guidelines ( if applicable on your particular vehicle) thinner than the width of the vehicle.

My car/ van is still under warranty, will installing your kit affect this ?

Most of our kits are plug and play without cutting into wiring looms so warranty should not be affected in any way. Some kits may require 1 single wire to be connected to the reverse light wire at the rear lamp and will do no damage to anything on your car / van.


Our Empirical reverse camera kits are our proudest achievement. We think about the kit and the installation so that you don’t have to. It’s little things like shielded camera cable so you don’t lose DAB / Satellite Radio reception, a small 8mm camera connection plug so that no large plugs or chokes need to be ran through tight tailgate conduits.

When we first create a kit, rather than removing a section of the manufacturers tape on a wiring loom to re route a radio or screen cable to the camera interface, we will get a new extension cable manufactured for the kit. It’s these extra touches that makes our kits what they are!